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ShowMagic SL Free Edition - Full Download

The full version of SL Free Edition (v13.1) is available to download from the link below. The download also includes a beginner's tutorial and a user manual.

If you wish to control devices via DMX, you will require a compatible DMX interface.

SL Free Edition is provided as a free product with no support. Support packages are available, please contact us for more information, or UK customers can buy direct from our online store.

This is the most recent available version of ShowMagic SL Free Edition. If you are looking for older versions (previously called 'SL 24'), please visit the SL Free Edition Archive.

ShowMagic SL Free Edition (v13.1)

SHA-1: e62058ad2dfd1b7fb589d9d4d259ef779dfa1d89

Download [16.99 MB]

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For complete control of sound and lighting.

SLX Series
Control sound, lighting and external devices. Also includes a time and day scheduler.

AV Series
Control of digital signage, video, lighting, sound and external devices.
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