'It Felt Like a Kiss'

Posted: 24th Jul 2009

ShowMagic AV Plus hire systems have recently been used by the Stage Management Company to control video, audio, lighting and special effects across 5 floors of an office block for the production of 'It Felt Like a Kiss'.

'It Felt Like a Kiss' is a collaboration between BBC documentary maker Adam Curtis and the innovative Punchdrunk company, featuring music by Damon Albarn. The production ran for three weeks as part of the Manchester International Festival.

The production involved the ShowMagic systems running multiple audio and multiple video playback and routing, lighting and special effect control (CO2 jets, motors etc.) in a combination of looping / timed sequences with interactivity via buttons and pressure pads.

The new ShowMagic scripting feature (available in the upcoming v12.0) was used to control audio levels and move audio between zones. The systems ran for up to 10 hours a day, faultlessly, over the whole production period.

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