ShowMagic AV Series

The ShowMagic AV series allows you integrate audio, digital signage, video, lighting and device control.

Key Features:

  • Play videos.
  • Create and display digital signage.
  • Pixel mapping.
  • Run events automatically using the real-time scheduler feature.
  • Control MIDI, RS-232, or IP controllable devices.
  • Trigger ShowMagic events via MIDI, RS-232, IP or DMX.
  • Route multi-channel audio.
  • Control any make and model of DMX fixture.
  • Supports mono, stereo, surround sound and 16-channel multi-track audio.
  • Independent or synchronised lighting, audio, video, device and digital signage control.
ShowMagic AV Logo

ShowMagic AV

A completely integrated AV solution. Supports up to 3 video outputs and 512 channels of DMX.

ShowMagic AV Plus Logo

ShowMagic AV Plus

Supports up to 5 video outputs, synchronised video and 2048 channels of DMX.

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