Bars and Nightclubs

ShowMagic SLX and AV are the perfect solution for running your bar, theme bar, club or nightclub.


Presets on audio processors from manufacturers such as Soundweb and Allen & Heath can be called up by ShowMagic at different times automatically, ensuring that the audio levels in each area of your venue are just right for that time of day.

Video & Information

With ShowMagic AV, videos or digital signage / Powerpoint slideshows (for menus, pricelists, promotions) can be automatically scheduled to play on plasma screens, projectors etc. No other external video players, display systems, or external video switchers are required as all outputs can be routed using the software.


If you need to route other sources - such as SKY / Cable TV boxes, terrestrial TV etc. - ShowMagic AV will control video switchers for switching between its on-board video and signage, and these external sources.


Static lighting, or subtle colour changes at lunchtime, through to dynamic lighting effects and moving lightshows in dancefloor areas at night. Whatever atmosphere you wish to create in each area, with ShowMagic SLX or AV you can achieve it.


Different music playlists can be scheduled, or manually selected in seconds. Tracks can be randomised or played sequentially, with selectable looping, crossfade and maximum track length. No external audio player required.

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