ShowMagic SLX Series

The ShowMagic SLX series combines all the features of the SL series with added scheduling, triggering and control capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Run events automatically using the real-time scheduler feature.
  • Control MIDI, RS-232, or IP controllable devices.
  • Trigger ShowMagic events via MIDI, RS-232, IP or DMX.
  • Route multi-channel audio.
  • Control any make and model of DMX fixture.
  • Supports mono, stereo, surround sound and 16-channel multi-track audio.
  • Independent or synchronised lighting and audio control.
ShowMagic SLX Logo

ShowMagic SLX

Control up to 512 channels of DMX.

ShowMagic SLX Plus Logo

ShowMagic SLX Plus

Extended DMX capabilities allow for control of up to 2048 DMX channels.

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