More and more technology is being used today in modern business presentation - the running of slideshows, playing of video clips, adjustment of lighting settings and control of AV devices such as video projectors, motorised screens and blinds, audio mixing consoles. Bringing these elements together has often been a long and complicated process, until now...

The secret of ShowMagic AV is that it simplifies every level of the creation and running process - no matter how complex:

STEP 1 - Your slideshows, video & lighting settings can all be stored as 'events' in ShowMagic. The control of any external AV devices and any external 'motorised' equipment can also be stored as events.

STEP 2 - With all those elements contained in one system, the integration and synchronization of those events into shows and presentations has never been easier.

STEP 3 - Each stage of the presentation can then be selected to run automatically or manually controlled using keyboard, mouse, standard switches, PIRs, Pressure pads (on a podium for instance), a hand controller and so on, and each is as easily selectable as the other.

The results are ... a perfect presentation every time. Use ShowMagic just once, and like so many other AV professionals you will wonder how you managed without it!

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