Performing Artists

ShowMagic SL, SLX and AV are revolutionizing the lives of performing artists. Here's why:

Backing / Click Tracks

Can all be stored and played back instantly in ShowMagic running on a PC or laptop. No need for minidisk players.


ANY make and model of light or lighting effect can be controlled by ShowMagic and when you have created the lighting effects that you want to use in your songs they can be synchronized perfectly to your backing tracks or click tracks.

Mixers & Effects Control

Audio mixing desks, effects processors (reverb, echo etc.) can be controlled by ShowMagic via MIDI, automatically, at just the right time in each song. No more reaching across to push buttons, or fumbling with footswitches, whilst you are performing!

You programme your songs just once, then just hit a key for the perfect show night after night.

ShowMagic handles all of the technical elements of your show automatically and reliably, allowing you to concentrate 100% on your performance.

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