Dramatic Arts & Theatre

House lighting, stage lighting, music, sound effects and the levels of each - ShowMagic enables you to create and control all of these elements quickly and easily. More elaborate productions can also entail motorised - curtains, stages, backdrops, moving rigs - and pyrotechnics.

ShowMagic can handle any level of production - from a school nativity play through to a West End production - with the same professional results. Here's how:

Any show, no matter how complex, is easy to program and control if broken down into basic 'building blocks'. Like all good ideas, ShowMagic uses a simple solution to solve complex tasks - It treats all of these different elements the same - as ShowMagic 'events'.

ShowMagic handles all of the technical elements of your show reliably time after time. Whether you are a small amateur dramatics group or a professional theatre company, you can benefit from its unique usability and versatility - there is no easier way to achieve the perfect show, night after night.

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