The wide variety of tasks that ShowMagic can perform is matched by its range of operating options. By combining in-built operating features with optional digital and analogue data acquisition interfaces, there is an almost unlimited range of operating options available to you.


Any ShowMagic task can be operated manually using touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, MIDI input, RS232 input, analogue voltage input, DMX input or any closed-contact device (wall switches etc.).


Tasks can be triggered automatically using any closed-contact device such as PIRs, pressure pads and dusk sensors.


Tasks can be scheduled to run automatically at selected days and times.

Any combination of the above

Scheduled tasks can be manually over-ridden or de-activated, a task that is normally run using a wall switch can be activated by touchscreen and so on.

Conditional Logic

The programming of conditional logic - for handling 'what if' scenarios - is all achieved using a unique point and click system. No low-level-code programming is required.

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